Friday, 26 November 2010

Fundraising with sweetness

Cake sale at the IBME

We had a cake sale at work, to raise funds for conKerr cancer, to keep on bringing smiles to the children. It was a success! Everything was sold out by the end of the day and we raised a total of £264,63 to buy fabric and material for pillowcases, Christmas stockings, and small bags.


From above

We had several tables allocated for us, so we put some pillowcases around to decorate them, some pictures of the children, and some stockings, to attract people to the stands and give awareness of the charity.

The stand

Val selling cakes

The cakes

Cakes and pillowcases

We had a whole range of cakes, cookies, fairy cakes, cupcakes, and muffins, including gluten free cakes.


Carrot cake

Apple tart

Thank you very much to all those who baked cakes (Natalie, Stuart, Simon, Sana, Val, Erin, Aymeric, Busi, Sergio, and Sylvia) and helped selling them during the day (Alexandra, Aymeric, Amalia, Sana, Val, Yasmina, Guy, Erin, and Sylvia)!!

Thank you very much as well to those that bought cakes during the day and contributed to fundraise some money. You definitely helped bringing smiles to the children!

Fundraising for conKerr cancer

More pictures of the cake sale can be found HERE.