Saturday, 21 August 2010

First sewing event


We had a lovely sewing day and created many pillowcases at the Scout Hut in Headington. Two children participated in the event and painted their very own designs for the occasion. 

We also participated in the One million pillowcases challenge and received supplies for the day that were really useful. We managed to finish all the kits they sent and more.

Many thanks to all the people that came along to sew pillowcases and small bags for the children. We made a total of 15 completed pillowcases, and few more that need to be finished. Thank you as well to the person that let us use the Scout hut in Headington for this. It was a wonderful and fun day!

All the pictures from that day can be seen HERE.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

The beginning

ConKerr Cancer at Childrens Hospital Boston

Because we have sick children with cancer everywhere in this world, we decided to act locally and created a chapter of conKerr Cancer here in Oxford to bring smiles to the children at the Kamran's ward, Children's hospital, John Radcliffe, Oxford, U.K. We are the first European chapter and would love for this initiative to spread all around the world!