How To - Pillowcases

Making pillowcases is fun and easy. You only need cheerful and colorful 100% cotton fabric. The age range goes from babies to 19 years old, so we need pillowcases for girls, boys, and teenagers.

The pillowcases we make have a body and a border.



Body: 26 1/2"x40 1/2".
Border: 10 1/2"x40 1/2".

Pillowcase construction with the roll-it-up technique:

Here is a video that explains the roll it up technique that we use to create the pillowcases. This way we avoid having raw edges and they are more resistant to use. To watch the video click HERE.

The pillowcase can be finished without raw edges using the French seam method. Step-by-step instructions can be found here: Step-by-step pillowcase.

Make sure to wash the final pillowcase for the protection of the children with suppressed immunity. In addition, place each pillowcase in a ziplock bag. Pillowcases must be dropped off at a drop off site or mailed to the coordinator. Do not deliver directly to the hospitals.